WorldWide Association Of Christian Ministers

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  • John 15:16 KJV
  • Matthew 7 : Judging Others
  • Matthew 3
  • 1Corinthians 14:33  
  • We Our All Gods Children (Brothers And Sisters)
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This Web Site Page And Facebook Group/Page is for Ministers & Ministries And Non-Ministers from All Christian Church's Or Association's,Ministries,we are also called worldwide Members Association of Christian Ministers & Ministries (Worldwide Association of Christian Ministers) (Worldwide Members Association of Christian Ministers & Non- Ministers)

do not  Ordain at the moment there is links in the Resources page to ministries who do Ordain .Feel free to post on this page/ .Upcoming Events of your Church Or Association.Ministries,FREEDOM IS NATURAL RIGHT - JOHN 15:16 KJV Every person has the natural right (and the responsibility) to peacefully determine what is right. We are advocates of religious freedom.Worldwide Members Association of Christian Ministers & Ministries & Non-Ministers Say's you do not have to be a minister to be a member of this Group/Page On FaceBook just a Follower of Kingdom of God Amen.You May Ask Why Not This Way We Do Not Judge On This Group/Page And Web Site Page ,As It Say's In The Bible Matthew 7 Judging Others ?, Here Is Few Ministries We Work Long Side With Pacific Life Church ,Circle Of Unified Life Church  Love Life Church of the Living God in Christ Inc  And Pacific Life Church Liverpool Uk (Facebook),   American Marriage Ministries , And member of Universal Life Church's.God Empowered By The Holy Spirit Follower Of Jesus Christ On (Facebook) ,Mandyspath Ministry.

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